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Do you love freedom of expression? Heterodox ideas? Arts and culture? Politics and current affairs? Essays? Long-form journalism? Science? Human rights? If so then AFI is for you! The curious-minded who values the ability to play gracefully with ideas and appreciates incurable pursuits of “what if?”

A Further Inquiry is a magazine for deep dives into complex issues, playing gracefully with ideas and considering all points of view, upholding free inquiry and free thought. Our aim is to develop a wide readership by delivering to you viewpoint diversity in our brazen commentary. You will have access to read from a variety of contributing writers on important, fascinating, and wide-ranging topics that do not shy away from controversial issues.

I hope you enjoy these things as much as we do. Please consider becoming a paid subscriber if you value If you grassroots journalism and brazen commentary. If appreciate our articles and find what has been written interesting, please send them to a friend and share them on social media.

The podcast Modes of Inquiry and this new publication will be integrated under the MOI brand but remain separate entities. As ever, keep well and stay curious, my friends!

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A publication for the curious-minded who value the ability to play gracefully with ideas and incurable pursuits of “what if”?


Creator and host of Modes of Inquiry podcast and Editor-in-Chief of A Further Inquiry. Reader of big books, lifter of even bigger weights. Always up for a good hike or a good debate. Follow me on Twitter @MathewGiagnorio And @Modesofinquiry
Politics and culture editor at A Further Inquiry and co-host of the forthcoming A Further Inquiry Podcast. Byline: @The_Nation @AreoMagazine @FreethinkerMag @sister_hood_mag @Sedaa_OurVoices @NewsInterve Commentator: @TalkTV @GBNEWS
Writer. Scottish. Assistant editor, ‘The Freethinker’. Secularism, humanism, literature, science, history, culture, freedom: these are a few of my favourite things.
Threat Finance, Financial Intelligence Specialist, Anti-Terrorism Practitioner
"Something about yourself" lol
An Xmuslim who is remembering...
Ken Lewchuk is an independent scholar with degrees in business, theology and moral philosophy. His interests focus on applied ethics and theology. Ken has taught in several countries on topics relating to business and applied ethics.
Canadian author with Egyptian heritage Book: Liberation, available on Amazon
Free Black Thought Cato Institute York College of Pennsylvania
Former Canadian intel (32 yrs), author of 6 books on terrorism, jihadi specialist
Public Speaker for Conscious Campus & Simon Wiesenthal Center, Consultant Extremist Disengagement at Beyond Barriers, Former (neo-nazi) NSM National Leader. Please view bio at https://jeffschoep.com/about/
Matt Johnson writes for Haaretz, Quillette, The Daily Beast, and many other publications. He's the author of How Hitchens Can Save the Left: Rediscovering Fearless Liberalism in an Age of Counter-Enlightenment.